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Wisconsin Bicycle Routes

The Wisconsin Bikeway: East Bound Route

These are cue sheets showing the route of the Wisconsin Bikeway from La Crosse to Kenosha, Racine, and Milwaukee. They are taken from the Wisconsin Bikeway Map and Guide.

I have included some notes (shown in italics) on what has changed since. I should caution that the names of roads in rural areas often seem to be in flux, with one name used at one intersection, another at the next intersection, and a third on the map. Before attempting these routes, I would purchase the southern section of the Wisconsin Bike Map and the Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin map for travel in Walworth or Waukesha county and points east.


This section of the bikeway was laid out before the La Crosse River State Trail was opened. The roads described below make for very pleasant biking and are a nice complement to the trail. See also the section on the Winona-Milwaukee route. Click here for the LaCrosse County Map

  • Begin at corner of 7th St and Main St in La Crosse
  • 7th St North -- R at:
  • La Crosse St -- L at:
  • Lang Dr (Hwy 35) turns Into George St -- R at:
  • Gillette St (Cty B) -- S at:
  • Cty BM at junction US 16 -- R at:
  • US 16 & Cty B north 1 block -- R at:
  • Cty B -- L at:
  • Cty BM -- R at:
  • Cty B through West Salem & Bangor, turns into Cty U then Into Cypress Ave -- L at:
  • 6th Dr -- R at:
  • Cortland Ct turns Into Avon Rd -- L at:
  • Hwy 27 -- R at:
  • Hwy 16 to Sparta -- R at:
  • East Ave


Click here for the Monroe County Map

  • East Ave -- L at:
  • W Alcott St -- R at:
  • John St -- L at:
  • Cortland Dr -- R at:
  • Elroy-Sparta State Park Trail to Elroy
  • Note: turn left on Elroy-Sparta Trail to go to campground

The Elroy-Sparta State Trail now joins the La Crosse River Trail in Sparta, crossing I-94 on a new bridge.


This section of the bikeway was laid out before the "400" State Trail was opened, and offers an alternative route from Elroy to Reedsburg. The roads are scenic but quite hilly.

  • Elroy-Sparta Trail to Elroy -- L at:
  • Hwy 71 (Franklin St) -- L at:
  • Cty 0 -- R at:
  • Cty K into Reedsburg (Myrtle St) -- L at:
  • 8th St


Between Reedsburg and Prairie du Sac, the bikeway split. The original route went south from Reedsburg across the Baraboo Hills. The northern route went through Baraboo, Devil's Lake State Park, and crossed the Merrimack ferry. Our Winona-Milwaukee bicycle route follows the northern route between Reedsburg and the ferry.

Original route

  • 8th St turns Into E. Reedsburg Rd -- R at:
  • Pine St -- L at:
  • Hwy 33, 1/4 mile -- R at:
  • Chapel Rd -- L at:
  • Hwy 136 turns into Cty DD (River Rd In Rock Springs)
  • Note: Wisconsin Bikeway splits into North and South Sections at the junction of Cty DD and Cty W
  • Cty DD (River Rd) -- R at:
  • Cty W -- L at:
  • Cty D -- S at:
  • Cty PF to Prairie du Sac rejoining northern route -- R at:
  • Hwy 78

Northern route

  • 8th St. Turns into E. Reedsburg Rd – R at:
  • Pine St -- L at:
  • Hwy 33, 1/4 mile -- R at:
  • Chapel Rd -- L at:
  • Hwy 136 turns into Cty DD (River Rd) in Rock Springs
  • Note: Wisconsin Bikeway splits into North and South Sections at the junction of Cty DD and Cty W
  • Cty DD (River Rd) -- L at:
  • Cty W turns Into South Blvd in Baraboo -- R at.
  • Parkway St (Hwy 123 -- bicycle sidepath on east side) -- R at:
  • Southshore Rd (just before Big Slide Amusement) - L at:
  • Southshore Rd through Devils Lake State Park -- R at:
  • Hwy 113, 1/4 mile-- L at:
  • Cty D (Parfrey's Glen Rd) -- R at:
  • Marsh Rd turns into Cemetery Rd -- R at:
  • Baraboo St Into Merrimack -- L at:
  • Hwy 113 take the free ferry boat across Wis. River --R at:
  • Hwy 188 -- R at:
  • Hwy 60 across river bridge into Prairie du Sac -- L at:
  • Hwy 78 rejoining original bikeway


At Blue Mounds, the bikeway crosses the Military Ridge State Trail. To the west, this trail runs to Dodgeville; to the east to Madison.

  • Hwy 78 to Sauk City, dangerous RR crossing here -- L at:
  • Hwy 12 across river bridge-- R at:
  • Hwy 78 -- R at:
  • Cty Y to Mazomanie -- L at:
  • US Hwy 14, 1/2 mile (caution heavy traffic) -- R at:
  • Cty KP -- R at:
  • Cty F -- R at:
  • Cty F to Blue Mounds


  • CtyF--L at:
  • US Hwy 18 & 151, 1 block (caution very heavy traffic) -- R at:
  • Cty F -- S at:
  • Cty Z -- R at:
  • Hwy 78 through Daleyville to Junction Cty A on left -- L at:
  • Cty A--S at:
  • Cty G turns into Cty 0 at Green Cty line, take to New Glarus


  • Cty O--L at:
  • Diesbach St, 1 block -- R at.
  • Rueti St, 1 block -- L at:
  • Kubly St across Hwy 69 to start of Sugar River Bikeway
  • Note: Sugar River Bikeway goes Brodhead, but to continue east on the Wis. Bikeway leave S-R Trail at Albany by turning -- L at:
  • Hwy 59, about 30 yards -- L at:
  • Cty E -- R at:
  • Cty C into Evansville (N. Forth St) -- L at:
  • Main St -- S at.
  • US Hwy 14
  • Note: From the Saturday nearest Oct. 27 through Jan. 31 the S-R Trail is closed to bicycling from New Glarus to Albany. Adjacent local low volume roads are available as an alternate route.


  • US Hwy 14 -- L at:
  • Cty M through Fulton & Indlanford to Jct Hwy 51 -- S at:
  • Hurd Rd, 1/2 mile-- R at:
  • Applewood Rd -- L at:
  • Cty M to Milton Junction & Milton
  • Note: Wisconsin Bikeway divides into north and south route just west of Milton.


This and the following section described the southern route to Kenosha. These are followed by the route to Racine and Milwaukee.

  • City M through Milton Junction & Milton, to Cty Line, 1/4 mile further south then turn -- L at:
  • R & D Townline Rd -- R at:
  • Cty M -- R at:
  • Pounder Rd (first town rd south) -- L at:
  • Hwy 11 1/2 Mile-- R at:
  • Lawson School Rd -- S at:
  • Cty K (at junction of Hwy 15) -- L at:
  • Town Hall Rd turns into Beloit Rd into Walworth -- S at:
  • Kenosha St (crossing US 14) R at:
  • Ridge Rd -- L at:
  • Devil's Lane Rd, 1 1/4 Mile-- R at:
  • Cobblestone Rd -- S at:
  • Cty B turns into Main St in Genoa City


I would probably modify the following route. The route between Genoa City and the Fox River is unnecessarily circuitous. County C is quite nice on off hours but can get uncomfortably busy during the evening rush hour. Here is one suggestion (best with a map): Follow the route below onto County P, but then turn right on Main St into Twin Lakes. Take the bike trail to Bassett. Follow F to B. Go north to K, and take K into Kenosha.

  • Main St in Genoa City -- L at:
  • Freeman St -- R at:
  • Franklin St -- L at:
  • Cty B turns into Cty O at Kenosha Cty line -- L at:
  • Cty P (388th Ave) -- R at:
  • Cty Z (Holy Hill Rd) -- L at:
  • Cty 0 (368th Ave) -- R at:
  • Cty F through Bassett -- R at:
  • Cty KD (336th Ave) -- L at:
  • Cty C (116th St) -- L at:
  • Fox River Rd, 1 block -- R at:
  • Cty C (113th St) -- L at:
  • Cty HH (104th Ave) -- R at:
  • Cty K (60th St) -- L at:
  • 30th Ave -- R at:
  • 45th St -- L at:
  • 22nd Ave-- R at:
  • Washington Park & National Bicycle Track


  • Cty M--L at:
  • John Paul Rd, 2 blocks -- L at:
  • Serns Rd -- R at:
  • Cty N into Whtewater (Walworth St) – L at:
  • Hwy 59 & 89 (Janesville St), ½ mile -- L at:
  • Franklin St (Hwy 59 & 89) -- R at:
  • Main St across RR tracks at edge of town -- L at:
  • Bluff Rd -- S at:
  • Cty H – S at:
  • Bluff Rd – R at:
  • Bluff Rd (also Nature Rd & Eagle Rd, signs unclear here) -- L at:
  • Cty J--L at:
  • Hwy 15 (Main St, Cty ES)

Traffic on Cty J and Cty ES can be quite heavy. I prefer to go north from Bluff Rd onto Shearer Rd and then right on Cty LO into Mukwonago. Leave Mukwonago, via the bike trail along Hwy 83. After crossing Interstate 43, the trail ends. Pick up Maple Ave. The next moves would depend on whether you wished to go to Racine or Milwaukee.


From Maple, turn right on Craig and then take a series of local roads to get to Wind Lake (see the map for possible routes). Then take 7 mile road but follow county G, dropping to 6 mile and eventually 5 mile. This intersects with the Racine County bike path to Racine.

  • Hwy 15 (Main St, Cty ES) -- R at:
  • Fox St turns into National Ave -- R at:
  • Edgewood Ave -- R at:
  • Clark St (Cty F) -- S at.
  • Big Bend Dr (Cty F) -- L at:
  • Henneberry Ave -- S at:
  • Henneberry Dr -- R at:
  • Racine Ave (Cty Y) after crossing into Racine Co -- L at:
  • Intersection Racine Ave and Oak Ridge Rd (200 ft) -- S at:
  • Loomis Rd (crossing Hwy 36 & Wind Lake) -- R at:
  • Cty G (bearing left; disregard Racine Bikeway signs) turns into Seven Mile Road; after crossing Hwy 32 -- R at:
  • Michna St -- L at:

Seven Mile Road now dead ends after crossing Hwy 32, but one can pick up Middle St from 5 Mile Rd. See our Milwaukee-Chicago route dscription.

  • Six Mile Rd -- R at:
  • Middle St -- L at:
  • 4 Mile Rd -- R at:
  • Charles St -- L at:
  • 4 Mile Rd --R at:
  • Lighthouse Dr (arrive at Schoop Park)


Continue on Maple until its end at Forest Home. Go northeast on Forest Home Ave to Hwy 164 in Big Bend. Go south on 164 and east on Henneberry to Y, north on Y, then east of Woods Rd to 116th. Then go north on 116th, east on Janesville Rd, and continue on Forest Home Rd to the entrance to Whitnall Park.

  • Hwy 15 (Main St, Cty ES) -- R at:
  • Fox St turns into National Ave -- R at:
  • Edgewood Ave -- R at:
  • Clark St (Cty F) -- S at:
  • Big Bend Dr (Cty F) -- L at:
  • Henneberry Ave -- S at:
  • Henneberry Dr -- R at:
  • Note: Bikeway splits into Milwaukee or Racine here
  • Woods Rd -- L at:
  • North Cape Rd (Cty J) -- S at:
  • Forest Home Rd (Cty 00) -- R at:
  • Jct Hwy 100 (108th St in Hales Corners) -- L at:
  • Whitnall Park (Whitnall Park Drive) junctioning with
  • Milw. County Bikeway system

Woods Rd crosses the Muskego Trail, which can be taken east to Milwaukee County, where it becomes the Franklin Trail. The south leg of the Franklin Trail connects to Swiss St and then Church St which connects to Drexel, the southern loop of the Oak Leaf Trail. The north leg of the Franklin Trail connects to Rawson Rd. North Cape and Forest Home can be quite busy with no shoulders. If not taking the Muskego Trail, an alternative is to turn left from Woods Rd onto 116th, then right on Grange.