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Wisconsin Bicycle Routes
Lake Superior Bike Routes

These descriptions are based entirely on maps and guides rather than personal experience. If you have any experience with these routes, please send an e-mail. The main sources of the routes described below are Wisconsin Coastal History Trails: Lake Superior (called "Coastal Trails" here) and Wisconsin Bicycle Map: Western (called "Western Map") which we describe here. These sources are almost thirty years old and over ten years old so conditions may have changed since.



Go east on the paved Osaugie Trail along Lake Superior in Superior (map and description). At Moccasin Mike Rd., where the pavement ends, turn right (sourth) onto County E. Turn east on County Z which becomes Highway 13 after crossing US 2. Follow Highway 13 to Bayfield.

A recommended loop midway between Cornucopia is to take County K (on some maps, called Old County K) north to Little Sand Bay, returning east and south to Highway 13.



Bayfield and Madeline Island are centers for activities in the Apostle Island National Lakeshore. Click here for suggested bike routes around Bayfield and on Madeline Island.


There is some disagreement among the maps and guides as to whether Highway 13 between Bayfield and Ashland is recommended for bicycles. The Wisconsin Coastal Trails guide recommends against riding it and suggests a very circuitous route instead. However, it appears that the Bayfield-Washburn section, at least, has since been widened and is now usable.

If the section between Washburn and Ashland is too busy, the following route is suggested by Coastal Trails:

  • South on 13 from Washburn
  • West on Long Lake Rd.
  • South on Ondossagon Rd.
  • East on Cherryville Rd.
  • South on 13 to Ashland

Bike Route from Superior to Ashland (Tri-County Trail)

After leaving Superior the paved Osaugie Trail becomes the unpaved Tri-County Trail which runs all the way to Ashland on a former railroad bed, paralleling US highway 2. Theoretically, this could be an alternative route between the two cities or serve to complete a loop route. Unfortunately, it appears from comments by two users that the surface of this trail is quite rough and unsuitable for road bikes.

Ashland to Mellon

Both Coastal Trails and the Western bicycle map recommend taking route 112 south from Ashland. Rather than turning east with highway 112, the route continues straight on county C and then follows C through various turns until it joins highway 13 shortly before Mellon.

An alternative route is suggested by the current bicycle map, however, which rates highway 13 as more favorable to bicycles than highway 112. In this case, the bicyclist would take highway 13 south from Ashland until it cross county C. Then turn left on county C and follow it to Mellon.

Mellon to Hurley

The most direct route takes highway 77 east from Mellon. At Upson, go north on 122 and then east on county E, rejoining highway 77 to Hurley. This description suggests that the Pines and Mines Trails may be an alternative to highway 77, but it is not clear how suitable the route is for touring bicycles.

A more circuitous route is suggested by Coastal Trails. From Mellon, take highway 169 north east until it ends at US 2. Cross US 2 and take Saxon Harbor Drive to Saxon Harbor. Take county A to highway 122. Turn south on 122 and follow it to the junction with county E. Go east on county E, joining highway 77 to Hurley.