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Wisconsin Bicycle Routes

Bicycle Route Notes


Washington County



I.         East-west Roads. 

            A.        Donges Bay Road. This route runs from the Interurban Trail in Mequon to Division Road in Germantown. After the challenging process of getting past Highway 41, the route follows Willow Creek Road to Monches. 

                        1.         Bark Lake Road and Elmwood Road. A low traffic alternative to the Monches area. 

            B.        Monches/Holy Hill area. There are a large number of very scenic, winding and hilly roads between Monches and Holy Hill, including Emerald Drive, Dublin Road, Donegal Road, and Monches Road. Several are designated as rustic roads. 

            C.        Clare Lane//Roosevelt Road. This route starts at Monches and leads eventually to Watertown. 

            D.        Freistadt Road. This is another road that leads from Mequon, west to the Holy Hill area. West of Highway 41, it becomes Hubertus Road. Between Highway 41 and Highway J there is more traffic than elsewhere. 

            E.        Pleasant Hill Road. This is mainly a low traffic route, winding back and forth using Cedar Lane, Bonniwell Road, Holy Hill Road, and Wolf Road at Richfield.  

            F.        Western Avenue. A direct, low traffic route across Ozaukee and Washington counties. One factor keeping traffic low, is that while it crosses both highways 45 and 41 it has no intersection with them. 

            G.        Sherman Road. Very similar to Western Avenue and would make a good loop route in combination with it. The two routes joined at Fond du Lac Drive. 

            H.        Pleasant Valley Road. A low traffic route across Ozaukee and Washington County. 

                        1.         Cedar Creek Road. Low traffic and quite scenic from Jackson Road to Slinger. 

            I.         Paradise Drive. Part of a route between Cedarburg and West Bend. If one continues on Paradise Drive, rather than taking the Eissenbaun Trail, one first encounters a congested section around the crossing of Highway 45. But the area to the west of that is very scenic and winding through Kettle Moraine country.

            J.         Decorah Road. This route runs from Newburg to West Bend and Ridge Run County Park. From Newburg, take Salisbury St, Congress Drive, Steeple View Rd, and Spring Rd to Decorah. 

II.        North South roads 

            A.        Country Aire Dr. This route runs through mostly farming country, just west of the Ozaukee County line. At the southern end there is a somewhat sketchy connection to the Oak leaf Trail in Milwaukee County, using Highway 145, Fountain Boulevard, and Leon Road. 

            B.        Downtown Germantown route. This short route uses residential streets, and one or two bike trails to go north through the quaint old business district as far as Freistadt Road. At the southern end, it connects to Menomonee Falls, using a pedestrian bridge over Highway 41. 

            C.        Jackson Drive. This route runs north from Germantown along Bloomingdale Road and Jackson Drive to Pleasant Valley Road through mostly rural country. Go east of Pleasant Valley, north on Maple Rd, and west on Rucsco Rd to the Eisenbahn bike trail. This trail is paved through West Bend. It continues as an unpaved trail to Eden in Fond du Lac county. Also in West Bend, the Riverbank Parkway runs along the Milwaukee River. 

            D.        Mayfield Road. This route runs from Western Avenue north to West Bend. Particularly around the town of Mayfield, the road is quite small and scenic. 

            E.        Scenic Road. This road lives up to its name. At Rugby Junction the bicyclist may either take Western Avenue to Mayfield Road to continue north or take Fond du Lac Drive to continue to Slinger or to Pike Lake State Park. North US 41, Scenic Rd resumes and continues north as county Z and Scenic Drive to highway 33. 

            F.        Slinger Road and and Big Cedar Lake. Between Slinger and the southern end of Big Cedar Lake, traffic is quite heavy, especially on a Sunday afternoon in summer. However, there are several roads that follow the shores of Big Cedar Lake, avoiding much of this traffic. Where these roads rejoin highway 144, at the north, traffic is substantially reduced. 

            G.        Kettle Moraine Road. Between Monches, and Pike Lake one can follow the route of the Kettle Moraine Drive. However the official route of the drive takes Highway 60 between Pike Lake and Slinger, which is too busy for bicyclists. The bicyclist can continue north on Kettle Moraine Road, which despite its name goes through fairly level farming country, and various connecting Roads to Allenton. Or the bicyclist can take Hartford Road, east to Slinger or Hilldale Road, west to Hartford.  

            H.        Pike Lake to Hartford. A bicycle trail connects Pike Lake State Park with Hartford. The portion in the State Park is unpaved and marginally suitable for road bikes. 

            I.         North and south of Hartford. Several routes run north or south from Hartford through fairly level farming country, with little traffic.