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Wisconsin Bicycle Routes

Sheboygan to Fond du Lac and beyond
This route follows the Old Plank Road Trail from Sheboygan to Greenbush and back roads from Greenbush to Fond du Lac. Fond du Lac is developing an extensive network of bike trails and marked bike routes. Two bike trails go west from Fond du Lac: the Wild Goose Trail runs to the southwest and the Mascoutin Valley State Trail to the northwest.


In Sheboygan a new signed bike route runs from Lake Michigan to the Old Plank Road State Trail. This route follows a combination of new trails (purple on this map) and existing roads (green on the map) south of Hwy 23.

Sheboygan to Greenbush

The paved Old Plank Road State Trail follows Hwy 23 (maps: east and west) from a tunnel under Interstate 43 on the west edge of Sheboygan to a point just west of Greenbush. Generally the trail is on the south side of Hwy 23 although it briefly crosses to the north side around the intersection with Hwy 67. Points of particular interest are the company town of Kohler and the old stage stop of Greenbush. Unlike most long-distance trails in Wisconsin, this trail does not follow a railroad right of way, so it has more hills, particularly as it rises in the western section. (Map of Sheboygan County)

For more on the North Kettle Moraine area, see the route that runs from Cedarburg to the Kettle Moraine.

Greenbush to Fond du Lac

At Greenbush, leave the trail by taking Sugarbush Rd north to Hwy C (map). Then go west on C and continue west on CCC to Mount Calvary. Turn south on Cty W, west on Redwood Rd, north on Division Rd, and west on Locust Ln (becomes Ledge Rd). At this point (map), pick up a bicycle trail which flows into the Peebles Trail to Fond du lac. (Map of Fond du Lac county)

Fond du Lac

Fond du Lac has developed a number of signed bike routes through the city as well as several bike trails. See this map. One route through the city goes like this: from the end of the Peebles Trail, take Winnebago Dr west. Turn north on Harbor View and follow it or the parallel bike trails to Main St. Go south on Main St, west of Scott St, and south on Brooke St. A bike path parallels most of Brooke St.

To get to the Wild Goose Trail, follow this trail to its end at Dixie. Go west on Dixie, south on Hickory, and west on Kohlman to the start of the Wild Goose Trail.

Mascoutin Trail

The Mascoutin Valley Trail runs west from Fond du Lac. From Fond du Lac, one can follow marked bike routes to the start of the trail just west of US 41. This section of the trail runs to Rosedale (map). From there one must take roads to Ripon: west on Rose Eld Rd, north on Hill Rd, west on Cty N, and south and then west on Hall St into Ripon (map). From Ripon, a second section of the trail runs to Berlin (map). Also in Ripon, the Northwestern Trail runs west to the county line.