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Wisconsin Bicycle Routes

Welcome to Wisconsin Bicycle Routes

The purpose of this website is to collect in one place information on bicycling touring routes in Wisconsin and neighboring states. To the extent that other sites have information and maps on these routes, we will supply a link to these other sites, rather than repeating the information here.

We would like to hear from you. Do you have information on the routes we show? Would you like to suggest other routes? Is some information missing? If you have suggestions concerning routes or other sites with good information, please contact us or write on our new blog.

Bicycle Routes

This section describes a number of bicycle routes, including Milwaukee-Chicago, Milwaukee-Elkhorn, Milwaukee-Door County, Milwaukee to Greenbush, Sheboygan to Fond du Lac, Winona MN-Milwaukee, a Lake Superior Route, the Wisconsin Bikeway, the Wisconsin North-South Bikeway, and a route from the Mississippi River at Dubuque to Green Bay. In many cases maps are included.

County Bike Maps

These are modified versions of the Wisconsin DOT county bike maps. Suggested bicycle routes have been superimposed on the maps.

Guides and Old Guides

These describe the available guides and maps to Wisconsin bicycle routes, including maps and guides that, unfortunately, are out of print.


Links to a number of sites that are useful to bicyclists. Specific links are also included under the descriptions of bike routes.

Bikes on Buses

A few public transit system in Wisconsin now accomodate bicycles.

Southeast Wisconsin Map Field Notes.

Notes on routes for bicycles in southeast Wisconsin

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